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Life sciences Recruiter

Puspanjali, the Life sciences Recruiter at Worklance, is a highly skilled professional with expertise in compliance, employee hiring, and performance management across various industries. Known for her reliability and organizational abilities, she excels in effective communication and building relationships at all levels within an organization. Proficient in vendor management and applicant tracking systems, Puspanjali has successfully recruited top talent for prestigious clients such as Kite Pharma, Merck, Gilead Science, Shire/Takeda, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Beckman Coulter, AbbVie, EMD, Jhonson & Jhonson, Becton Dickinson, GSK, Medtronic, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Baxter, Eisai etc. Holding an MSc in Biotechnology and a BSc in Biotechnology, her academic background complements her practical experience. In her role, Puspanjali plays a crucial part in Worklance’s success by connecting top talent with leading organizations.

Our team
Digital Marketing

Madhuri Yadav, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Worklance, holds a distinguished degree in Digital Marketing and Analysis from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. With over 3+ years of expertise, Madhuri focuses on social media marketing and has successfully collaborated with international clients from the UK and US. Her meticulous approach, coupled with a proactive problem-solving attitude, consistently exceeds client expectations. Madhuri’s commitment to staying ahead in industry trends showcases her dedication to keeping WorkLance at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape. As a valuable team member, she contributes strategically, providing creative solutions that drive both client satisfaction and organizational success.

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