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We Top staffing agency  specializes in specific areas of life sciences, so we can offer experienced leadership, quick response times, and the exact skills your projects need.

Areas of Expertise

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In today’s world, creating new medicines and innovative treatments is really important. But dealing with the rules and making sure everything follows the law is getting more complicated and expensive. To speed things up and control costs, the biopharma industry needs a partner who knows their way around.

Worklance is an expert in finding the right people for important jobs in biopharma, like managing clinical trials, writing about medical stuff, handling data (biometrics), watching out for drug safety (pharmacovigilance), and making sure everything follows the rules. With these skills on your team, you can guide a new medicine from early development to full approval by the FDA, sticking to schedules and avoiding extra costs. Worklance also provides support staff at every step of the process, ready to help when and where you need it.


The pandemic and its different forms have shown how crucial the pharmaceutical industry is for keeping people safe and economies stable. But bringing new vaccines and treatments to the market needs experienced folks on board. This can be tough when time is short, in-house teams are already busy, and there are not many people available in this field.

To move medicines from development to actual use quickly and well, partner with an agency that can provide the right people. We cover biopharma roles from beginners to directors, for temporary or permanent positions. With clinical trials happening all over, our network of branches, both national and global, makes it easy to staff many sites.

We offer complete staffing solutions for pharmaceuticals. For managing clinical trials, writing medical content, watching drug safety, dealing with regulations, and ensuring quality, team up with Randstad to lower risks, simplify processes, and meet every project deadline.

top staffing agency
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Medical Device

Medical devices cover a wide range, from basic mechanics like incentive spirometers and surgical staplers to advanced brain-computer interfaces for stroke rehab. Regardless of simplicity or complexity, these devices play a crucial role in medical interventions, saving lives, and enhancing quality of life.

A challenge in getting medical devices into practical use is the shortage of staff. Finding individuals with the right skills and industry know-how, whether for design or crafting specialized parts, is a hurdle. In this competitive job market, the need for talent surpasses the available supply.


Companies don’t have to handle everything. Sometimes, it’s better to focus on what you’re good at or be flexible without managing a big full-time team. Maybe you just need help for a short time, like when a startup needs a manual or launch plan.

Worklance is here for any task or project, big or small. We provide services for clinical trials, monitoring sites, writing medical stuff, managing data, ensuring quality, and more.

But that’s not all. Your team is crucial, and we help by giving support and training. We also have consultants to boost your organization with tech planning and productivity advice. Grow faster and sustainably with lower costs and fewer risks.

Our solutions

Worklance provides an extensive range of life science top staffing agency in the United States, covering temporary-to-hire, hourly, permanent, contract, and more.

Research & development

We optimize R&D projects for productivity, cost efficiency, and strategic planning. Our team includes top project managers and subject matter experts for effective leadership

Quality, Regulatory, & Compliance

We excel in ensuring the highest standards of Quality, Regulatory, & Compliance through meticulous attention to detail and expert knowledge. Our commitment is to excellence in every aspect of your operations.

Post-market surveillance (PMS)

Our approach involves meticulous attention to detail, expert analysis, and continuous monitoring to ensure the ongoing safety and effectiveness of your products in the market.

Engineering in medical and pharmaceutical services

leveraging scientific and technological expertise to design, optimize, and ensure the utmost quality and safety of healthcare products and processes. Our commitment is to deliver solutions that advance the standards of care in the industry

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

We demonstrate proficiency in Manufacturing & Supply Chain, utilizing expertise to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure the highest standards of quality. Our commitment is to deliver seamless solutions that streamline operations and elevate your supply chain performance.


We offer Biometrics services to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies. Our services include biostatistics, statistical programming, and data-related support for phase I-IV clinical trials, pre-clinical studies, as well as post-marketing data analysis and reporting.

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top staffing agency
top staffing agency

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