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Discover exceptional consultants at Worklance for tailored talent solutions. Trust us for reliable professionals. Industry insights and training included. Your success, is our priority.

Engineering Services

Worklance offers engineering services customized to meet the specific requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Our commitment is to provide accurate and inventive solutions for intricate challenges within these industries.

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IT Services

Worklance is established by a group of motivated professionals to provide IT and Healthcare Consulting and Staffing services connecting talent with businesses around the United States.

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worklance services

Life Sciences

Worklance  services specializes in life science staffing services, connecting highly qualified professionals with opportunities in the dynamic and evolving field of life sciences. Our tailored staffing solutions ensure that organizations in the life science industry have access to skilled and experienced talent, contributing to advancements in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. 

Reporting Services

Worklance services provides concise and professional reporting services, tailoring insights to meet the unique needs of businesses. Our focus on accuracy and efficiency ensures timely and informed decision-making, using advanced tools for clear and visually appealing reports. Trust us to enhance your business intelligence through customized and industry-standard reporting solutions.


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Immigration Services

Worklance services provides expert immigration services for individuals and businesses, offering guidance on visas, work permits, and residency applications. Our team ensures a streamlined and stress-free process, staying updated on the latest legal developments to meet your specific needs. Trust us to navigate the complexities of immigration efficiently. 

Validation Services

Worklance services excels in delivering professional validation services meticulously crafted to meet the distinct requirements of diverse industries. Our commitment lies in providing innovative solutions for complex validation challenges, ensuring the highest standards of precision and reliability.


Training Services

Worklance services provides impeccably crafted, highly professional training services tailored to individual and organizational needs. Our programs, led by seasoned trainers, encompass a wide array of topics, employing cutting-edge methodologies for comprehensive skill development. Trust us to elevate your workforce’s proficiency and adaptability in a dynamic business landscape.

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Meet the Worklance Team – the driving force behind our success! Each member brings a unique spark to our journey, redefining excellence together. Discover the faces powering our mission.

Aruna Valluripalli

Founder/ President

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Digital Marketing

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Why choose Worklance?  Our goal is to earn recognition as the most trusted, innovative, and influential force in supporting healthcare organizations. We aim to be recognized for our trustworthiness, innovation, and influence in driving positive outcomes for the dynamic and critical field of life sciences 

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